A Heart for Orphans

For the last nine years, my heart has been with kids in Eastern Europe, and more specifically those that are left to live (and some to die) in state run orphanages.  In these institutions, orphans are taught that their opinions don't matter, that their worth lies in their physical bodies, and that God doesn't care about them.  These are not actual classes, but are lessons learned through experiences of getting moved around, abandoned time and time again, selling their bodies for whatever they need or want, and never hearing from anyone representing Jesus.  The Lord has guided my heart to love these kids, giving me a passion for changing their lives for good, and blessing me with gifts that I can use to organize and impact their lives for Christ.

God has lead me to the next season of life, where this will remain a passion and a calling.  

My New Role - Director for Global Movements                                             

The Lord has faithfully provided another role within His Kingdom, allowing me to continue to serve the fatherless around the world.  I am thrilled to announce that I am now the Director for Global Movements with the Christian Alliance for Orphans!

Over the past few years, you may have heard about, or even been directly involved in, an Orphan Sunday event at your local church (the first Sunday of November).  The Christian Alliance for Orphans leads this initiative, and I’ve volunteered as a Georgia State Coordinator for this movement for the past couple of years.  My new role is focused on inspiring, encouraging, and enabling indigenous movements of churches and ministries around the world to fulfill the call of James 1:27 to care for the orphans in their own countries.  This opportunity will allow me to serve in a globally strategic role.  

I Need Your Help!

I write to you today asking that you partner with me to bring the hope of Jesus Christ to orphans around the world.  Would you please join Team Hennessey to help provide for my personal support?

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